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There’s Help for Sifting Through Wall Street Noise

April 2, 2016

A solution for Wall Streeters that helps the sell side figure out what research is resonating with their clients and buy side sift through research to figure out what content they should be reading.


Street Contxt Raises $8 Million to Make Wall Street Smarter with Data

January 7, 2016

Street Contxt wants to give Wall Street smarter processes around data. The Toronto startup raised $8 million in a Series A round to do just that.


Street Contxt Plans February Launch on Back of $8M in Series A Funding Round

January 7, 2016

Toronto-based Street Contxt is gearing up for launch next month, hot on the heels of its US$8 million series A funding round secured in December.


Toronto-based Street Contxt raises $8 million Series A led by Oculus Investor Formation 8

January 7, 2016

In a city with the nation’s highest concentration of banks and financial institutions, it’s no surprise that some of Canada’s hottest FinTech startups are emerging from Toronto.


One of Silicon Valley’s hottest VCs just threw millions at a startup that could make Wall Street analysts sweat

January 6, 2016

Much of a morning on Wall Street is spent combing through piles and piles of analysis from a myriad of banks, research firms, and buy-side shops.
Street Contxt is a startup in the process of creating a product that tells you what research, within those piles, is actually worth your time.

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