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Powerful machine learning insights help brokers drive commissions by understanding client engagement with content to target the right clients.

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Drive commissions by understanding who is reading content, what they care about and use that insight in your coverage.


Discover trending topics and tickers to better target buy side clients with tailored content and coverage.


Increase sales and trading performance, productivity, and commission dollars.

Sales and Trading Content Insights Platform
that drives daily workflow, trading, banking and deal distribution


Distribute Content

Street Contxt is seamless to integrate with simple setup and no change to workflow. How emails are sent or received by clients does not change.

Street Contxt filters and tags client activity with content sent from the desk, including: Equities and FICC desk commentary, trading flows, corporate access, follow-on deals, or commentary off the macro desk, sales notes, macro, and any content that you send.


Discover Insights

Street Contxt improves the way brokers understand the wants and needs of clients by using cutting-edge machine learning and smart data technology to provide the desk with statistically-driven insights that create visibility about interest in content and how that drives commissions.

Sales and trading receives contextualized insights to identify revenue and commission opportunities and give clients a more personalized experience, at a larger scale.

Management has the ability to build a data-driven sales desk, using fewer resources and less time.


Take Action

  • Call list immediately shows engagement with your content in real-time. Provide targeted client coverage by knowing who to call and what to cover.
  • Contextualized insights identify key content trends driving client interest, informing you when to create relevant focus
  • Forward mapping helps you uncover new revenue opportunities. See when your research is shared within a client’s firm or to unauthorized recipients, such as brokerages and competitors.
  • Engagement alerts help to monitor account health, and consumption reporting justifies the value you provide to your clients.

Who Uses Street Contxt?

Sales & Trading

Identify revenue and commissions opportunities using contextualized insights.

Know who to call, what to cover and when to produce follow-up content. Proactively measure client health, identify critical moments for outreach and build a more effective partnership. Send out trading flows and get leads to fill the orders. Search interest in a name or sector when deals are announced to get ahead of the competition.

See How Sales & Trading uses Street Contxt

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Desk Heads & Management

Build a more data-driven sales desk, increase the effectiveness of sales teams, and cover more clients. Get insight that helps reduce risk on deals, appropriately allocate resources and compensation, and quantify client consumption against commissions. Street Contxt helps expand business and intelligently lower costs – all while using fewer resources, and less time.

See how Management uses Street Contxt

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How Brokers Use Street Contxt to Drive Results

"I would not want to be out having these discussions with clients without this kind of data now. It has positively affected our ability to get paid."

James McKeough


"A great tool that helps us see who’s engaging with our content in real-time and gives us better insights on how to better cover our clients. Our morning meetings are more data-driven now because of the insights we get from Street Contxt."

Adam Carlson

Managing Director, Institutional Equity Sales.

"Street Contxt has helped achieve business goals by being able to track readership, which has given us leverage in converting accounts."

Andrew G.

Energy Specialist

How to Run a Smarter Desk with Street Contxt

  • Sales & Trading
  • Corporate Roadshow
  • IPO & Follow-Ons
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Broker Voting
  • Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

Sales & Trading

Understand opportunities when deals are getting launched with notifications about client engagement trends. As deals go live, a call sheet of clients who have indicated interest can be generated, helping to fill the orders quickly.

Source liquidity by identifying contacts interested in given names for a block trade. Find potential clients based on the trends of their engagement.

Spot potential deals by seeing how changes in engagement with content correlates to trading activity.

Corporate Roadshow

Produce a strong corporate access target list  to effectively market C-level executives. Street Contxt identifies highly targeted audiences by dynamically capturing changes in interest with commentary published firm-wide. Generate a client interaction report with commentary on any name.

IPO & Follow-Ons

Collaborate quickly with research, sales, trading and banking by searching all indexed content sent through Street Contxt. Identify potential targets based on interaction with like comp groups and sectors. who has interacted with firm-wide content and spot who may be interested in the deal.

Equity Capital Markets

Street Contxt helps reduce risk on deal flow by giving you visibility into engagement about specific securities. Build confidence for risk tolerance with data that helps forecast whether clients will participate in new financing opportunities. Understand client trends in sectors that help create a targeted approach for deal and corporate marketing. Client level reporting helps identify consumption trends and shifting interest. Sales tools alert the team of new engagement in real-time.

Broker Voting

Match the broker votes that your firm receives to reports on client consumption of content. Street Contxt brings transparency and objectivity to the commission allocation process, helping to quantifiably measure the value you offer with the content that you contribute.

Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

Providing clients with detailed usage analytics can also help establish a data governance strategy and process around tracking content distribution and consumption – helping your organization prepare for compliance with new regulations, including MiFID II. Street Contxt helps maintain data privacy in the distribution of equity research and content through advanced and evolving cybersecurity measures.

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