Content Drives Results. Know Your Engagement

- Over 280,000 people across 8,000 funds receive research & commentary through Street Contxt -

Sell Side Solution

Street Contxt helps sales and trading teams across all asset classes distribute content and analyze real-time engagement to:


  • Increase the number of high-value conversations teams have with their clients
  • Identify if their content is being consumed by people who are not entitled
  • Measure content and team performance
“Now our team has real-time insights into the level of engagement each client has with our content, which helps our team communicate with clients in real-time.”

Katya Kouznetsov, Vice-President
Macro Risk Advisors

Buy Side Solution

Street Contxt helps asset managers and analysts manage, search, and filter research with the intent of:


  • Enhancing knowledge management across the firm
  • Improving internal collaboration and performance
  • Measuring content consumption for accurate research payments

See What Our Customers Have To Say

"I would not want to be out having these discussions with clients without this kind of data now. It has positively affected our ability to get paid."

James McKeough, Analyst
Pavilion Financial Corp.

"Street Contxt helps me gain better insights into the 1000 energy focused clients I cover on a daily basis."

Andrew G., Energy Specialist

“Our morning meetings are more data-driven now because of the insights we get from Street Contxt.”

Adam Carlson, MD
AltaCorp Capital Inc.