5 ways to improve your Open Rate

At Street Contxt, we spend a lot of time talking with our customers, and one of the common questions we receive is “what can I do to improve my open rate?”.

While your relationships and the quality of your content may always drive a large percentage of your engagement, we recommend considering a few of the following approaches:

Try new subject lines

  • Keep it short; mail clients will cut off subject lines if they are too long. This is particularly true when your contacts are reading on mobile devices; something that’s increasing according to the Street Contxt Q2 2018, Q3 2018, and Q4 2018 Benchmark Reports.
  • Emojis can make your email stand out from the crowd. Your contacts will notice the visual distinction and draw their attention to your content.
  • Personalize it by highlighting your personality. Whether that be a funny or sarcastic slant that only you can provide.

Try a different day of the week

When we analyzed the data, specifically regarding timing and engagement, we discovered that there are some strong patterns from day-to-day.

The majority of content is sent on Monday and Wednesdays, however the average number of opens per delivery is highest on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you send a few times a week, or less often, we suggest experimenting with which days of the week you publish.

If you send daily, or close to it, our next tip is particularly useful.

Timing is everything

We broke down opens and clicks based on time of day, local times, and again there are a few patterns worth noting.

Content engagement spikes early in the day between 8-9am and again at approximately 2pm.

Interestingly, there appears to be a dip in engagement between 11am and 1pm. This might be a great time to try sending content and see if you can capture someones attention.

Segmentation is key

When sending content out to a wide range of contacts on single list, it’s likely that only some might find the information relevant and helpful.

To others, it may be noise and devalue the brand and expertise you’re able to offer. “Why am I receiving content on value driven investments? I’m focused on growth.”

How you segment your lists and contacts depends on your goals, but consider using some of the following criteria:

  • The clients investing strategy
  • Sector or industry
  • Geography
  • Client tier
  • Events
  • Stage in the sales cycle
  • AUM

Leverage content insights

Improving your contents open rate can be accomplished by leveraging the various insights provided by Street Contxt.

The Insights Dashboard and the Email Insights pages allow you to follow up at the right time with the right clients.

Target clients who match a specific criteria, such as high engagement with a link, and follow up with additional commentary/insights.

Combining timeliness and interaction specific information, along with the suggestions we’ve provided here, will allow you to supercharge your open rate.

Each quarter, Street Contxt releases a Benchmark Report that highlights trends and best practices from the previous three months.

Download our most recent reports:

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