Best Practices for Email Deliverability

No matter how carefully you plan your content, strategy, or design, if your email doesn’t reach the client, it doesn’t matter. Here are a few things you can do to help ensure your content is delivered.

Keep your lists clean

Email addresses are constantly being created and deleted as people move around the Capital Markets. This means that you have to be diligent and keep your lists updated or you may end up damaging your sender reputation score with high bounce rates.

At Street Contxt, we see a huge correlation in people who report deliverability problems and people who don’t remove invalid contacts.

Anything higher than 2% of your list bouncing back can lead to long-term sender reputation problems with ISP’s – having a huge impact on your content’s ability to reach your recipient’s inbox.

We suggest removing bouncing email addresses as soon as possible. Sending to invalid emails is behaviour consistent with spammers, so making sure you’re sending to ‘clean’ lists is the best way to prevent your note from ending up in spam.

In Street Contxt, the Manage Distributions feature is an easy and effective way to ensure that your lists are kept as up to date as possible.

Avoid using link shorteners

Link shortening is a common approach used by spammers and, while it may be aesthetically pleasing, some mail clients and security software find it to be suspicious.

It’s fairly straight forward to create hyperlinks in Outlook with custom titles/text instead; use this tutorial to for more information.

Here are a few other things to avoid when crafting your content:

  • Having a lot of images but relatively little text in the body of your email
  • Hiding text by making it the same colour as the background
  • Using all caps in the subject of your email

Still not making it to the inbox?

When in doubt, ask your contacts to add you as a Safe Sender. It only takes a few clicks and it’s the best way to ensure your content is delivered to the people who need to see it.

According to Outlook, email from Safe Senders are never sent to the spam folder.

If that still that doesn’t work, ask your contacts to let an IT person at their firm know there’s a problem; they should be able to quickly resolve the issue.

The first step to having high engagement with your content is to make sure that it arrives in the first place. As always, we are here to help guide you through any problems and make sure your email is hitting those inboxes!