Global Service and Expertise Systems for the Evolving Economy

November 8, 2016

29-Image-Resize-300-264Both the sell side and buy side are leaning on new technologies and platforms to connect with one another on a timely basis at global scale.

Geographic limitations are fading away as sell side firms lean on technology to cover more clients with less resources. Shifting economics are requiring the use of tools and intelligent systems to allow individuals to go from covering 20 local accounts, to 200 global accounts.

Brokerages are using data to understand where to focus their time and budget when it comes to producing research and commentary. Insight is based on client levels of engagement and comparative advantage. Buy side clients are leaning on global content platforms to find the most relevant and qualified authors from around the world, and get connected with relevant and focused content providers.

Boost in Tech Spend

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Only 5% to 20% of that research ever gets read
Source: BCA Research

No, I want to keep paying for research that I don't read