How to Target Which Clients to Call this Earnings Season

October 17, 2016

The earnings season is in full swing and the country’s economic health will be displayed.

“The coming earnings season will provide the bridge between the September and December Fed meetings, and as a result will be a key catalyst for markets into the traditionally strong fourth quarter of the calendar year.” Read the full article here.

Get a Targeted Client Call List for Earnings Season

Street Contxt Tickers

Quickly find clients interested in the tickers that you cover.

>> As corporate earnings are released, clients are flooded with commentary and calls. You need to know which clients to reach at the right time, with the right information.


>> Having a call list of clients that are highly engaged with commentary that is sent about specific tickers from your entire firm helps you to better target the right clients. So that you know where to focus and who to call first.


>> Using Street Contxt, brokers can get actionable engagement insights about client interactions with the stock tickers that you cover.

The Street Contxt Contact Interest Report Includes:
  • Engagement with a specific ticker by all clients receiving commentary from your firm
  • Top clients engaged with the ticker you search
  • Level of interest displayed in a ticker in comparison to all other content that is received
  • Clients that have lost interest in a ticker

Understand client engagement with the tickers that you cover.
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