Mobile Matters – 5 Street Tips to Optimize Emails

September 21, 2016

The way your clients read your commentary impacts how they consume, whether or not they’ll click links, or if they will open attachments.

Street Contxt has measured millions of interactions with broker’s desk commentary, research reports and news updates delivered on our platform to 140,000 + clients at 16,000 + firms worldwide across all asset classes.

Street Contxt analysis shows:

Street Contxt Report

  • Throughout the typical workweek of Monday through Friday, over 80% of clients are consuming email on a desktop. The remaining 20% is shared between Smartphones and Tablets. During the week, your clients are at their desk, watching the markets, and reading content as it comes in.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, mobile attributes to almost 80% of client engagement with your commentary. Personal computer consumption drops to about 20%. Learn more

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5 Street Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails:

Knowing when and how your clients read your commentary helps you tailor the message to ensure that no market-moving information is missed.

1. Write the shortest subject line you can 

Android shortens subject lines at 24 characters and Apple at 31.

2.  Show your client the importance of your message with a pre-header

A pre-header is the text displayed at the top of your email and receives more room than the subject line on mobile. Consider using the message that you’d like included in your subject line-if you had the extra space.

3. Create a vertical hierarchy

Put the most important information first, followed by details. When your client holds their device vertically (aka in “portrait mode”), they’ll get the basics of your message.

4. Keep email messages short

Write for scannability and speed. Your clients use their mobile device on-the-go; simplify your message, so they can quickly consume your email. Screen size and download times increase the importance of speed. Focus the readers’ attention on the most timely information.

5. Use bigger fonts

Ensure your email is readable on mobile. Follow Apple’s cue and use 22-point type for headlines and at least 16-point type for paragraphs.

Street Contxt helps brokers understand how clients consume content, so you can take steps to provide the best overall experience possible. When clients can better read and digest the materials you send them; the more action they can take.
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