When do clients read commentary? What is the best time to send?

September 27, 2016

Commentary Lifespan

During weekdays, 58.3% of commentary and research sent via email is opened in the first hour that it is received.  The markets move fast and your clients are consuming your emailed research and commentary quickly while seeking alpha.

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Commentary Consumption Hour by Hour

Street Contxt analyzed millions of client interactions on weekdays with broker’s desk commentary, research reports and news updates delivered on our platform to 140,000 + clients at 16,000 + firms to find out when recipients consume the content they receive the most.

  • 6-7 am has the most engagement within the first hour with an 18.45 % open rate of notes sent.
  • A pick-up in consumption happens to emails sent out in the afternoon between 1-2 pm with 15.7%. Followed by a 10% between 5-7 pm and 8-9 pm.
Street Contxt Email Open Rate
  • The highest click rates of those that opened the commentary and clicked on a link are between the hours of 5-6 am (13.65%) and 8-9 pm (11.72%).

Street Contxt Email Click Rate

Use Actionable Insights to Service Clients Smarter

During the day, your clients watch the markets and open your commentary to discover market-moving trends at peak hours.  Early in the morning or later in the evening they have more time to digest your notes, indicating an opportunity to send a package featuring more in-depth research.

Street Contxt helps brokers understand how clients consume their research distributions, so you can deliver the right information at the right time.  See how your clients consume the content that you send.
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3 Street Tips to Improve Client Engagement with Your Commentary

  1. Create an engaging subject line and keep it short (50 characters or less) due to the way it appears in the inbox. With an influx of content, you want to capture your client’s interest when competing for their attention during peak times.
  2. Know the time zones that you send to. If your commentary is intended for a different time zone and is being received during down time, your likelihood of readership and thus providing valuable research to your clients decreases.
  3. Send at the right time for your clients. Find what time your customers are the most engaged to make the most of the time that you spend producing research.

Street Contxt helps brokers get actionable insights on client consumption and engagement with your research distribution.


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