We’ve consolidated tens of millions of interactions in Q3 of this year to provide you with thematic and global insights into how clients engage with content.

Each quarter, Street Contxt leverages anonymized pattern data from over 60,000,000 total email interactions to create this Quarterly Benchmark Report.

We hope that this quarterly report serves as a guide to understanding how your firm should be adapting their strategy and structure to fit the always-changing industry landscape.

This report aims to help you answer common questions like:

  • What does engagement look like over the summer and should I do anything differently?
  • As a salesperson, when should I be engaging with my clients?
  • What is the best way to use email to engage with my clients?
  • How much time is spent reading my content?
  • How should I structure my morning note, or other content?
  • Should I use links to engage my audience?
  • How often should I send?
  • How quickly does my content reach my audience?
  • What are some false positives that traditional engagement tools generate? How do you account for them?

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