We are looking for great
people to join our team!

Street Contxt is the new way that Wall Street finds, shares and collaborates on ideas and market-moving trends. Drawing on leaders of the consumer web for inspiration, we’ve created a better way to share information globally for one of the most influential, dynamic, and complex industries in the world.

  • mastery


    Work with Exceptional People

    We perform at our professional and personal maximums, bringing unique expertise to a firmly established culture of learning. We are compassionate, supportive, and encourage each other to master our crafts, grow into experts, and share knowledge within the company and our community. At work and through our events, it’s easy to connect with the team and mentors to learn how to hone your craft or uncover new skills. We work, play and win as a team.

  • autonomy


    Take Ownership

    Together, we share in the ownership of the company and are always open to improvement. We read, share stories and continue expand our knowledge. Every team member is responsible for their deliverables, decision-making and contributions to the core product. Our interns are full-time contributors of the team, and lead important projects through their work term. We are all accountable to the organization’s greatness; being individually exceptional is not enough.

  • integrity


    Foster a Transparent Workplace

    Our success is founded on integrity and mutual respect. Weekly stand-ups, company blog posts, demo days and lunch-and-learns give an organization-wide perspective of the business and allows us to master our domains while teaching others. Our leadership exercises full disclosure, and every opinion is considered when decisions are being made. Access the people and resources you need; there are no closed doors.

  • purpose


    Attack Complex and Challenging Problems

    We are leading the change in a large and profitable industry by fundamentally rewriting how business is conducted. We are building an exciting product that will make a significant and measurable impact on the world of institutional finance and make a difference in the lives of real people. We are not bogged down with the way things are; we design for the way things should be. Each member makes significant contributions to the core product and will share in its success.


Ibrahim Itani

Engineering Team Co-op

“My work term at Street Contxt has allowed me to see an idea into production. I have been able to develop my technical skillset, attacking brand new features while having the ability to manage my time responsibly between daily tasks. I have found a more concentrated career path to follow in software development after having the opportunity to work on my own projects that were relevant to my interests and skill set.”


Scott Mackie

Quality Assurance Co-op

“Street Contxt stood out as a co-op placement because they expect every employee – including co-ops – to make a meaningful impact within the company, and they provide the tools and assistance to make that a daily reality. The Q.A. team did not simply want me to provide support or assistance to the team; they expected substantial results, and wanted me to participate in and lead projects that made significant impacts to the product. It felt great to contribute in such a meaningful way, and made my time at Street Contxt both enriching and fulfilling.”


Aaron Zucker

Business Team Co-op

“Throughout my co-op term, I developed my communication skills above the ability of any role within a large company. Because Street Contxt is a start-up, I had to take on a larger and more active role than I had in the past. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and exceed my own personal expectations. I’m more equipped for the job market as I can now precisely and efficiently accomplish complex tasks.”


  • We thrive in the heart of the capital markets

    Our Toronto office is located downtown, near our clients and on the transit line. Our New York apartment gives our employees a home base when travelling for business or participating in our office exchange program.

  • We enjoy eating well

    We love food. Yeah, we said it. A variety of breakfast foods are available to our early risers, healthy lunches prepared same-day from restaurants around the city arrive at lunch time, and night crawlers can always find prepared meals on hand. Lest we forget the snackers - you’ll discover utopia in our stocked fridge and pantry.

  • We learn together

    Every two months we devour an industry or product related publication, reflect on it as a group, and take action in areas that need improvement. Ongoing lunch-and-learns expose team members to all areas of the business, allowing us to find synergies and uncover new interests, together.

  • We take care

    Our comprehensive benefits package frees us from paying out of pocket for something as important as our health. We lead active and happy lifestyles which in turn allows us to best perform in the office. The paramedical coverage includes specialist services such as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic to keep our body healthy and our mind sharp.

  • We are playful

    Achieving the title of Chess Master is the highest honour one can receive. Not a fan? Play on, players. From spontaneous nerf gun showdowns to Mario Kart on N64 to board game tournaments every other week, there’s something for everyone. See also: http://scxladder.com

  • We build meaningful relationships

    Our days are spent thinking through complex scenarios and tackling major projects. In celebration of our accomplishments, we refresh our minds and recharge our systems. Our team can be found enjoying Jay’s games, the Escape Room, and all the city has to offer. Friday afternoons are sacred. A recap of accomplishments and a glimpse ahead, over a carefully curated selection of beverages, serves as a kick-off to a well-deserved weekend.

  • We use cool tools

    Whatever is needed to get the job done. Apple products plus an extra monitor and choice of peripherals? Sure. Subscription to Todoist? No problem. Noise-cancelling headphones? Done. We will provide you with the resources you need to perform your best.

  • We heart rewards

    We see the value in teaming up with amazing people from our professional pasts. If we hire someone from an internal referral, we'll share sweet victory via cash/options reward for hooking it all up.

Are You a Contxtonian?

We are looking for natural hustlers. Hungry, driven, and entrepreneurial type individuals that have a thirst for learning and are keen to take ownership of their projects end-to-end and get in at the ground floor and make significant contributions to growing our company and disrupting a status quo industry.  If you’re naturally curious, consider yourself an eager life-long learner and critical thinker; we want to hear from you! Please apply to a position below.