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You Only Have 30 Minutes to Engage Your Clients

February 11, 2017

50% of research commentary is read within 30 minutes. Brokerages are producing more research content than ever before, trying to add value for clients and drive commission dollars through desk commentary, such as research reports, morning notes and mid-day commentary. Understand who is reading your research and engage the right clients at the right time.


Global Service and Expertise Systems for the Evolving Economy

November 8, 2016

Both the sell side and buy side are leaning on new technologies and platforms to connect with one another on a timely basis at global scale. Geographic limitations are fading away as sell side firms lean on technology and smart data to cover more clients with less resources.

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Street Smarts: The Widening Capital Markets Content Spectrum

November 1, 2016

Research was initially used as a marketing tool to educate investors and get them to participate in a deal. Traders, salespeople, strategists and research analysts colored in their take, heavily influenced by their role. As more content producers enter the market, the difficulty to discover and consume new content is growing for the buy side. Clients struggle to manage content, can’t discover new and relevant content producers and quantify the value add that the brokerage brings, which results in missed opportunities for both brokers and asset managers.


How to Target Which Clients to Call this Earnings Season

October 17, 2016

As earnings season gets underway and corporate earnings are released, brokers are using targeted call lists to know which clients to reach out to based on their engagement with stock ticker symbols.

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When do clients read commentary? What is the best time to send?

September 27, 2016

Learn when your clients consume your commentary and when they engage deeper with the research that you provide. And get the 3 Street Tips to improve client engagement with your commentary.

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