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Mobile Matters – 5 Street Tips to Optimize Emails

September 21, 2016

The way your clients read your commentary impacts how they consume, whether or not they’ll click links, or if they will open attachments. Knowing when and how your clients read your commentary helps you tailor the message to ensure that no market-moving information is missed.

Street Contxt works with brokers to solve buy side challenges

STREET SMARTS: What Challenges Do Your Buy Side Clients Face?

September 9, 2016

As more content producers enter the market, the difficulty to discover and consume new content is growing for the buy side. Clients struggle to manage content, can’t discover new and relevant content producers and quantify the value add that the brokerage brings, which results in missed opportunities for both brokers and asset managers.

Street Contxt Research Distribution

STREET SMARTS: What is the Next Research Distribution Era of Wall Street?

September 2, 2016

Research reports and conversations were the traditional ends of the content spectrum. Traders, salespeople, strategists and research analysts colored in their take, heavily influenced by their role.
Yet the distribution of research has not evolved beyond email, creating new problems for brokerages and their clients to face.

Street Contxt and Equity Research

STREET SMARTS: Written Research – The Foundation of the Content Spectrum

August 26, 2016

Research was initially used as a marketing tool to educate investors and get them to participate in a deal. Each role in a brokerage had a value add role to corporate clients before the rise of electronic execution.

Street Contxt: Cost of Content Production

What is the Cost of Content Production? What’s the ROI?

August 19, 2016

Brokerages are consistently left in the dark when it comes to insights being generated by the content going out the door to clients. Few firms understand how to monetize engagement with commentary and turn those interactions into insights that help grow the business.

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