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Measuring Research Consumption and Value – What Does an ‘Open’ Mean, Really?

May 15, 2017

While part of MiFID II is focused on execution, the new regulatory regime also requires the buy side to measure its content consumption for the purpose of commission allocation.

Street Contxt data shows that for the content we distribute to more than 180,000 buy-side professionals, 50% of the readership that will ever happen for a given piece of content – whether it is published by research, sales, trading, or anyone else – will happen in the first 30 minutes.

Ideally a buy-side professional should have the ability not only to see what was read, but what the level and depth of engagement looked like – preview, short, or long in simple reading alone. They should see what percentage of readership resulted in collaboration, subscription or favoriting of the article for future use.


Street Contxt To Track Research Usage As Analysts Fear MiFID 2

May 3, 2017

Into this fluid situation comes Street Contxt, a start-up that plans to untangle this system, offering institutional investors a method to value the research that they consume – a task that is currently complex and nuanced. Applying accountability to research providers might raise concerns among providers, but if viewed from the proper perspective it will result in the cream rising to the top, says Street Contxt management.


Research Faces Tougher Grading

May 3, 2017

By analyzing aggregated user data from its research distribution platform, Street Contxt found that if an article is open but not opened two seconds later, the recipient deleted it.

“We found that more content is opened for deletion than is opened to be read,” he said. “If you count opens to determine the allocation of commissions then you are allocating commissions to firms whose research you’re deleting and creating a system that rewards spammers indirectly.”


Research could be next for trading floor

April 17, 2017

Added Blair Livingston, CEO of Street Contxt, a Toronto-based provider of communications between managers and brokers: “Think of content as an asset class that entirely trades over-the-counter. There’s no one place where it trades. The question then becomes, how can you make that content exchange-traded? The buy side could drive their performance further by finding that research from an open exchange; technology opens up this possibility. And that research would still be written by someone who’s an expert. That system would change the game.”


Steve Cohen’s Investment Firm Takes Stake in Street Contxt

April 6, 2017

“We want you to take back your in-box,” said Blair Livingston, Street Contxt CEO, whose company is currently selling software to help sell- and buy-side analysts, institutional investors and other investment professionals manage published content. Street Contxt, which has raised a total of $15 million to date, uses machine learning to purvey sell-side research, trading desk information, market commentary, among other sources of content, and prioritize the swath of information based on a proprietary algorithm.

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