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Amazon everywhere: E-commerce titan is topic companies can’t avoid

July 28, 2017

Bank research notes and sales and trading commentary this month have contained nearly twice the number of Amazon mentions as for Microsoft (MSFT.O) and Apple, with Amazon tripling the number of Alphabet references, according to data from Street Contxt, an institutional content and data-insights platform for brokers and investors.

Amazon has been mentioned nearly 17 times as much as the average company, according to Street Contxt.


Barclays Asking $455,000 Per Year For Research Tests Market Valuation System

July 27, 2017

Street Contxt CEO Blair Livingston, for instance, thinks the current environment favors independent research providers that can fill the gap with higher-quality research.

“The fear that research becomes restricted is more-so just a fear that the current supply of research becomes restricted – which means current suppliers cut down the availability. While that will most likely happen in this evolving marketplace, we feel strongly that new suppliers will step in to fill the gap, or current suppliers will restructure themselves to fill the gap,” Livingston said. “This will mainly come from lowering the barriers to entry for new providers (using technology),” which is the business model of Street Contxt.


Machine learning allows investment banks to sharply cut research operations and related costs

July 26, 2017

Street Contxt is a Canadian hedge fund research start-up that has developed a revolutionary multi-analysis platform allowing access from a single platform to reports by sell-side, buy-side, and independent analysts, and into which eminent US investors Steven Cohen and Joe Lonsdale have injected US$15 million. Asset managers pay a prohibitive US$75,000 on average each year in research fees for access to the work of analysts at major investment banks, and Street Contxt’s service is expected to sharply reduce such costs.


Disrupting data: Why Wall Street needs to watch out for Street Contxt

July 25, 2017

If you find yourself spending more time deciding what company research and analyst notes you should read, than actually reading them, this Canadian fintech company has a solution for you. Street Contxt curates and distributes analysis from banks, investment firms and buy-side shops, according to your specific preferences. Bruce Croxon speaks with the founder of Street Contxt, Blair Livingston.


Street Contxt Launches New Service for Buy Side Investors

July 20, 2017

This is extremely evident as we enter into earnings season and investors’ inboxes get flooded with instant analysis and commentary on the hundreds of companies reporting each day. The Street Contxt buy side service will help investors confidently find the information that is important to them, collaborate across the fund, and build a long-term, institutional knowledge base that helps capture alpha.

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