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About Street Context

What does Street Context do?
  • For the Sell-Side, Street Context makes it fast and easy to distribute emails and understand exactly how your clients or prospects consume them. 
  • For the Buy-Side, Street Context helps you manage your identity and information indicators of interest to your broker-dealers.
How long has Street Context been around for?

Over a decade. We were founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

Is Street Context the right solution for me?

With over +150 broker-dealers and thousands of users, we have shown the power of Street Context across the Street. We have users across all asset classes in Sales & Trading, Research, and Investment Banking. We will work with you to ensure we are the right fit for your team.

What’s the ROI of using Street Context?

Street Context enables you to target high-value conversations first and fast.

We run an annual impact survey across our user base to measure how well we’re delivering on that promise.

Some highlights:

  • 92% of users save at least 2 hours a week, some save as much as 5+ hours a week
  • 70% of users have 1-7 additional client conversations per week, with 15% having 8+ per week (8% reporting 15+ per week)
  • When we asked users how they would feel about losing Street Context, 52% said “Very disappointed – it’s the most valuable tool I have”

Using Street Context

How can I start a trial?

Get in contact with our sales team. They can help guide you through the necessary steps.

Got any how-to guides or best practices?

Street Context has an expansive Help Desk with videos and guides on how to maximize efficacy.

I have an issue. How can I reach Support?

We’re sorry about that. There are a few ways to contact us:

  • Live chat in our web application
  • By emailing us at; or, 
  • Giving us a call at 1-866-511-6604.

Data Privacy

Will my data be secure?

Yes. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We are SOC 2 certified and follow ISO 27001 standards. We have an Information Security team dedicated to keeping your data secure and locked down. For more information, visit our Security page.

Will my Compliance department have an issue with Street Context?

No. We currently operate in over 21 countries and are compliant with GDPR, CASL, CCPA amongst other regulations. We work extensively with compliance and technical teams to ensure we are compliant with all applicable regulations.

Can I, or my clients, opt-out of email tracking?

Street Context offers both an individual contacts or a whole email domain to be added to a “non-tracked” list. You or your client will still receive content, but will engagement activity will not be recorded.

Tech Set-Up

Why use your infrastructure to send emails versus our own?

The markets move fast, and so should email. If you’re the last one to the client’s  inbox, you’re already too late. Street Contxt’s email infrastructure delivers your emails with unmatched speed, reliability, and enhanced feature benefits.

  • Reduce internal spend at no additional cost. We do not charge additional fees for sending on our infrastructure.
  • Save time and frustration with automatic contact updates and bounceback management.
  • Get to a client’s inbox, not their spam folder. You will have a monitored, dedicated IP address for all your content to protect your sender reputation against spam markers.
  • Get content to clients lightning fast. We deliver 99% of emails in under one minute. We deliver a personalized email to each contact on your distribution lists, which requires far higher bandwidth than most firms can take on without additional investment.
  • Get dedicated monitoring. Our team monitors email delivery times and scales up as necessary. We proactively fix issues with unsent emails if they arise.
What do you integrate with?
  • Street Context is CRM agnostic and can be integrated with most CRMs. 
  • We are SFTP and API-enabled to connect with BI tools or Data Lakes.
  • We can also integrate with Research Publishing tools, whether you built them in house or used another vendor. 
  • For more information, check out our Integrations page.
Is your software cloud-based or an on-premise solution?

Street Context operates a cloud-based network within Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides secure hosting of network and production systems.

Still got q's?

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