Reach a Global Community of Asset Managers

Connect to new clients, understand engagement with your research & drive commissions


Get Introductions with New Clients Globally

Feature your research on a global platform alongside the rest of the Street, including bulge bracket firms. Street Contxt connects you to institutional investors actively looking for insight and gives you access to a global asset management community, new client opportunities and commission dollars.

3 Research Distribution Challenges + How to Solve Them

Measure the Impact of the Content that Your Firm Produces.

Know how to engage the right contacts.

Team-wide approach to smarter client coverage & commissions


  • Cover clients smarter. Understand the changes in client interest in the names you cover to increase subscribers and publish focused commentary.

    Help uncover sales leads. Automatic alerts give the sales team insights on client engagement with the commentary that you have published, so that they can service clients smarter.

  • Know which calls or sales meetings you should spend time on. Prioritize which clients to call on specific topics and see which sales contacts are utilizing the content that you create.



  • Monetize the content that your firm produces by holding clients accountable for what they consume and understand how competitive your research is versus the Street.

    Comprehensive performance and client analytics help you understand which content producers are generating interest with your firm’s clients and which salespeople are developing stronger relationships.

  • Forecast hiring decisions, recognize and secure your top content producers by accurately compensating them for the value that they add.



  • Receive alerts about client engagement with your firm’s content in order to have informed conversations and better client meetings.

    Discover new client leads. Your research is hosted alongside that of the larger firms, providing an equal opportunity to have your research discovered by institutional investors looking for the type of expertise that you provide.

  • Never worry about your clients while you are away by assigning publishing rights to your team and automating your out-of-office coverage.


Desk Analyst & Strategists

  • Know what matters today. Easily manage your distribution lists to better understand who is reading your commentary and better target their interests. Use these trends to publish more captivating content.

    Uncover sales leads. As clients show an indication of interest, provide leads for the sales team with automatic alerts.

  • Get recognized for publishing great content. Measure your impact within the firm and make your commentary discoverable to new clients.

    Monitor your intellectual capital to see if your emails are shared without your permission after leaving your desk.



Give your research exposure to global clients seeking your expertise by hosting it alongside the rest of the Street and get connected to new clients. Manage unlimited individual distribution lists and share access with colleagues for comprehensive client coverage.

Create your content in your email platform with no change to workflow. Send it to one email address mapped to your distributions hosted on Street Contxt. Passive analytics are applied to your commentary so that you receive targeted reports about readership and engagement, as soon as your note leaves your desk.

Get Actionable Insights and New Clients

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Publish smarter by delivering content based on client engagement. Know which clients to call based on their level of engagement with your research notes. Discover new revenue opportunities and client leads with sales alerts about new and shifting engagement, so that you can service clients quicker and smarter.

Service Clients Smarter, Capture Sales Leads

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Generate new distribution channels and consumption activity, resulting in higher commission revenue. Historical research is discoverable to new clients seeking the topics that you cover. Reports show the impact of research on business performance and broker votes.

By measuring the content that your clients consume against check size and payments, you can hold clients accountable for their consumption. And use that engagement to proactively engage with clients with dropping engagement in order to prevent churn.

Monetize Your Desks’ Performance

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