Street Contxt hosts Toronto’s vibrant FinTech community for Demo Day

September 8, 2015

Street Contxt hosted the FinTech Demo Day at our new headquarters. The Toronto FinTech industry united under one roof for an evening of networking and start-up demos. The event showcased some of the most interesting up-and-coming start-ups in FinTech.

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 Street Contxt hosted the FinTech Demo Day at our new headquarters. The Toronto FinTech industry united under one roof for an evening of networking and start-up demos.

The event showcased some of the most interesting up-and-coming start-ups in FinTech, including: Borrowell, FundThrough, Silqe, Turnstyle Solutions, Flux Rate, Paymentrails, Plooto, Big Terminal, Soundpays.


Each presenting company demoed their product in front of a panel of industry professionals. The investors represented over $2 billion in AUM and included: Georgian Partners, OMERS, Formation8, Real Ventures, Information VP, Golden Venture Partners, Our Crowd and Espresso Capital. Additionally more prominent angel investors and FinTech founders were in the audience to give early stage companies advice.

Soundpays was the evening’s resounding winner and will receive dedicated one-on-one time with the VC members of the judge’s panel.


With your generosity, we were able to raise $ 2,800 for Capitalize for Kids that will be used fund Canadian innovation in children’s brain and mental health in partnership with Hospital for Sick Children.

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Borrowell @MyBorrowell

Borrowell is an online peer-to-peer lending platform that provides responsible Canadians with better borrowing options. Its affordable, fixed-interest loans are funded by carefully selected institutional investors, allowing the company to offer better rates, better service and a better customer experience. Borrowell’s institutional partners include Equitable Bank and Oakwest Corporation.

FundThrough @FundThrough

FundThrough is a marketplace lender for small business loans. We work with businesses that sell to established, credit worthy companies. We help them increase their growth by reducing their customers’ payment terms to 24 hours. Our mission is to give small business owners better access to working capital by allowing them to leverage the credit strength of their customers.

Silqe @Silqe_inc

Silqe is a financial search engine that eliminates the significant time and effort required to analyze fundamental financial data. Our platform provides instant answers to your questions, so that you can focus on what matters most – making better investment decisions.

Turnstyle Solutions @getTurnstyle

Turnstyle Solutions provides location based marketing solutions and consumer analytics for brick and mortar retail stores. Our user-friendly, customizable dashboard enables retailers to optimize their offline marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and productivity variables such as scheduling and staffing. Through the use of our developer-friendly APIs, third-parties can take advantage of Turnstyle’s location-based triggers to do things such as instant check-ins (social media), in-app Push notifications (loyalty programs) and change digital signage (retargeting).

Flux Rate @fluxrate

Flux Rate is a solution to a problem for the vast majority of small/mid-sized businesses, lack of interest income on surplus income. We designed a “read-only” platform to ensure business accounts are maximizing their options and provided service in the process (financial institutions cannot provide due to obvious industry related constraints). The financial institution provides the additional account and rate, Flux Rate maintains and updates the rate monthly through the open source interest rate platform ( The platform opens up the industry options and provides the most disruptive strategy yet, compete with your bank rate through your bank infrastructure.

Payment Rails @PaymentRails

Payment Rails is a Payments as a Service (PaaS) multi-currency technology platform for global mass payments and disbursements. Payment Rails will automate the way global companies make payments to their affiliates, partners and suppliers by providing an innovative and frictionless cross-border payment platform. Making cross-border payments is complicated, time consuming and costly. Payment Rails is a full-stack payment platform that will provide an incredible payments API to simplify, and reduce transaction cost by 50-80% while managing the foreign exchange, tax and regulatory compliance, and providing the end-consumer with choice on how to be paid.

Plooto @PlootoInc

Plooto is a payment management platform for small and medium size businesses that want to automate and streamlines their payments. Plooto enables businesses to send payments to anyone with an active bank account within 2-3 business days and transactions are automatically reconciled with leading accounting software.

Big Terminal @bigterminal

Big Terminal filters the noise to expose the signal in financial data using machine learning and data science.

The information age is filled with noise, and this flooding of content makes the best quality items inaccessible. We believe in applications that challenge the status quo and simultaneously enhance people’s lives by eliminating the clutter and exposing the signal within the noise.

Big Terminal aggregates and integrates millions of news stories and data series, coming from different time zones and in different formats all into a single, easily navigable, inter-comparable user interface. Big Terminal is using big data analysis, algorithmic and data science solutions to keep users informed and satisfy curiosity. This allows users to get up to speed fast and feel prepared – saving them valuable time.

Soundpays @soundpays

Soundpays is a universal mobile wallet app that uses sound waves to make a purchase. Allowing users to pay anywhere, anytime, with any device using an internet connection and speaker.