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Street Contxt

Street Contxt is a global knowledge exchange for institutional finance. The platform provides smart, actionable insights; helping to create a more efficient Capital Markets system. Street Contxt was established based on the shared experience of the founders in respect to the current inefficiencies in the flow of knowledge in the industry. Supported by a team of seasoned Wall Street, Bay Street and fintech advisors and investors, Street Contxt is quickly establishing itself as leader in knowledge management.

Our investors including industry executives from UBS, Wells Fargo, PIMCO, Allianz, JPM, CIBC, RBC, Barclays, E*Trade, Salomon Brothers, Millennium, and many others.

Street Contxt works with sell side content producers – including sales, trading, desk analysts, research analysts, banking, and ECM/DCM – to distribute and track engagement in their desk commentary, research reports and news updates. We empower you to build a smart, data driven business focused on client engagement and delivering the right resources, at the right time.

Street Contxt easily integrates with CRM programs and produces powerful reporting that delivers actionable insights for users and management, enabling sell side firms to be actively engaged in the effectiveness of their desk, client engagement, commission allocation and business continuity.

Street Contxt also works with buy side participants­ – Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, and Institutional Asset Managers­ – to help take back control of their inbox. We deliver a personalized experience by creating a central, firm-wide content repository to easily manage subscriptions to email and research, assisting in tailored discovery of new and relevant content in real-time, and enabling cross organizational collaboration to benefit from the best content producers and articles.

Street Contxt helps buy side funds subscribe to the right content, accurately assess commission allocation, and remain current with evolving regulatory changes.

Accessible and available anytime, anywhere, through your desktop or mobile device, Street Contxt helps both buy side and sell side firms gain a competitive advantage, because in this market, smart wins.


Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Blair Livingston is the CEO and Founder of Street Contxt, the global knowledge exchange platform for institutional finance. He has committed his expertise in market structure, financial technology, financial commentary and communication practices to shape a new, more effective capital markets system.

Blair’s career spans institutional finance in equity sales and trading at RBC Capital Markets on both Wall Street in the U.S. and Bay Street in Canada. He has also contributed to creating a more balanced marketplace representing the buy side at IEX Group, Inc.

As Street Contxt’s Chief Executive Officer, Blair executes the company’s mission of clarifying an increasingly fragmented marketplace, connecting sell side content with the preferences of buy side participants. He works with a highly motivated team in his quest to deliver actionable engagement insights that help build smart, scalable businesses.

Blair is a firm believer in the importance of the capital markets and the opportunity they present. He notes that the efficient function of the markets is integral to a functioning society: it affects where you work, how you buy, where you live, and how you save for important purchases.

Blair holds a BBA in Finance from Wilfrid Laurier University, and currently resides in Toronto.



JPMorgan Offers Equity Research For $10,000, Lowest Price Yet

August 14, 2017

Blair Livingston, CEO of Street Contxt, a firm that distributes and monitors institutional research, sees things differently.

The MiFID II regulations are going to create an opportunity for the best research to rise to the top while providing research consumers the ability to actually see how research is being consumed, he told ValueWalk. Street Contxt is backed by numerous hedge funds and institutions, including Point72 Ventures and Portag3.


Breaking Banks Fintech – Podcast

August 3, 2017

Fintech, or financial technologies, is the new disruption that is sweeping across the globe and dominating the tech world conversations on everything from ApplePay to new credit algorithms, and upending the access to capital.

Tune into Breaking Banks with Brett King, who interviews a variety of industry leaders including Blair Livingston, CEO of Street Contxt, for a look at how technology and customer behavior will bring about more changes in banking in the next 10 years, than in the last 200 years


Amazon everywhere: E-commerce titan is topic companies can’t avoid

July 28, 2017

Bank research notes and sales and trading commentary this month have contained nearly twice the number of Amazon mentions as for Microsoft (MSFT.O) and Apple, with Amazon tripling the number of Alphabet references, according to data from Street Contxt, an institutional content and data-insights platform for brokers and investors.

Amazon has been mentioned nearly 17 times as much as the average company, according to Street Contxt.