Release Spotlight – Additional Opens

Additional Opens counts the number of times your email has been opened after the initial open. You can find Additional Opens in the Email Insights page next to the Opened column.

How to Use Additional Opens:

Your Additional Opens count is useful for prioritizing follow-ups. Multiple opens from a single contact are a great indicator of interest in your content, signaling a good time to follow up with that contact.

Pro Tip: You can sort your Email Insights page by the number of opens by clicking the Additional Opens column, giving you a data-driven call-list.

You can also use Additional Opens to gauge traction at a particular firm. When a contact shares your email internally, any opens from their colleagues will reflect in your Additional Open count for that email. An unusually high Additional Open count is a good indicator that your email has been forwarded internally at a contact’s firm.

Why Are My Opens so High? Many factors can contribute to an unusually high open count, many dependent on the browser or email client the recipient is using.


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