July 25, 2019

What’s New

  • You can now make your mass emails feel personalized by adding a greeting with your client’s name in the email body or subject line.
  • In fact, you can stylize your greeting to fit your personality. Are you more of a “Hey Bob,” kind of person, or are you all about “Hello Bob,”? Maybe you’re more formal and “Hello dearest Bob I trust you are well,” is more your style.
  • We’ve also added a feature that allows you to send a test email to see what the personalized greeting looks like before sending to your actual clients.

Visit our knowledge base to get started on our new mail merge personalization feature or click here to schedule a quick walkthrough.


  • We’ve made improvements to our email delivery system to improve speed and efficiency, specifically when dealing with large emails.
  • When you perform any of the following actions, you’ll receive a notification and a short grace period to undo it:
    • Accepting that the firm chosen for a contact doesn’t match their email domain,
    • Archiving a distribution list
    • Archiving a contact
    • Removing share permissions for a distribution list
  • We’ve made sharing lists with your colleagues easier. This is useful if you’re out of the office and want a colleague to send to a distribution list on your behalf.


  • We removed the issue where a distribution list could be created with a duplicate name.
  • The contact name field was missing in exported reports. We found it and added it back.

How can we make Street Contxt work for you? 

We’re always working to make Street Contxt exactly what you need. If you have any suggestions on what features you’d like to see us build or what improvements should be made to our platform, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us at product@streetcontxt.com