Release Spotlight – Pin Lists

No more scrolling through distribution lists to find the ones you care about the most. The Pin List feature gives you quick access to the distribution list(s) you use the most by allowing you to pin them to the top of the list page.


Fun fact: A Street Contxt user on average manages about 12 distribution lists while roughly 20% of the user community manages more than 30 lists. Surprisingly, users only actively use about 30% of their lists.

To Pin a List

  1. Click on a list you want to pin
  2. Click the “Pin” button that appears at the top right of the page

To Unpin a List

  1. Click on the pinned list
  2. Click the “Unpin” button at the top right of the page


How can we make Street Contxt work for you? 

We’re always working to make Street Contxt exactly what you need. If you have any suggestions on what features you’d like to see us build or what improvements should be made to our platform, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us at