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  • "I would not want to be out having these discussions with clients without this kind of data now. It has positively affected our ability to get paid."

    Adam Carlson, Managing DirectorInstitutional Equity Sales AltaCorp Capital Inc.

  • "Street Contxt has allowed me and my sales team to create more interesting and engaging content for our clients. We are able to create more detailed and tailored content, allowing us to focus on what really matters. The Street Feed is a great tool that helps us see whose engaging with our content in real-time and gives us better insights on how to better cover our clients. Our morning meetings are more data-driven now because of the insights we get from Street Contxt."

    Adam Carlson, Managing DirectorInstitutional Equity Sales AltaCorp Capital Inc.

  • "Street Contxt helps me gain better insights into the 1000 energy focused clients I cover on a daily basis. I use the client reports to prepare me for upcoming client meetings, which allows me to be more informed on what my clients have been up to. Our management team gets a weekly report showing how our content is performing vs. the street and I get to see how I compare as an energy sector strategist to the street as well."

    Andrew Gillick, Energy Sector StrategistITG/RSEG

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Effectively market corporate CEOs by sending meeting invitations to a targeted audience. Street Contxt captures dynamic interest shifts even if the client has not given direct indication of interest. Generate a client interaction report with commentary on any name that you cover in order to produce a strong meeting schedule.

IPO & Secondary

Collaborate quickly with research, sales, trading and banking by searching all indexed content sent through the platform.

& Banking

Proactively know which clients and executives to speak to about financing options by receiving alerts and reports about engagement shifts.

& Trading

Understand opportunities when deals are getting launched with notifications about client engagement trends. As deals go live, launch on-demand call sheet of clients with indicated interest to fill the orders.

Equity Capital

Build confidence for risk tolerance with data that helps forecast whether clients will participate in new financing opportunities. Understand client trends and sector shifts with ticker engagement reports and potential secondary financing options based on client interest.

Special Trading

Source liquidity by identifying contacts interested in given names for a block trade. In-platform search and reports include data-driven insights to help find potential clients based on their engagement trends and shifts.


Match the broker votes that your firm receives to reports about client consumption of your content. Street Contxt brings transparency and objectivity to the commission allocation process to help ensure that you can quantifiably measure the value you offer with the research content that you contribute.

3 Research Distribution Challenges + How to Solve Them

Measure the Impact of the Content that Your Firm Produces.

Know how to engage the right contacts.

Firm-wide approach to smarter client coverage & commissions


  • Turn research cost centers into sales lead generators with analytics that help understand readership and the changes of client interest in the commentary that you produce.

    Identify clients that are reading your content, but not rewarding your firm with the correlating commission revenue.

    Generate new ideas for reports to cover clients better by tracking the content that your firm produces.

  • Uncover new leads with automatic alerts that notify sales of client engagement with your commentary.

    Get insights for effective time management. Know which clients to call on specific topics, see which sales contacts are utilizing the content you create and which sales meetings or calls you should attend.

    Alert sales and trading teams about upcoming company earnings reports based on previous readership engagement in tickers across the firm’s client database.



  • Understand how your firm’s content is monetized and how competitive it is against the Street.

    Spot potential deals by seeing how changes in engagement with content correlates to trading activity. Instantly access one portal for all market commentary that your firm has produced.

  • Get comprehensive internal and client analytics. Understand which content producers are generating engagement with clients. See the flow through from notification, to engagement, to trading activity to make sure your content generation efforts are driving more business.

    Know how your team can better engage clients, drive value and make your desk smarter. Use trends to forecast hiring decisions and build a team dynamic by securing your star performers.



  • Provide superior client coverage by receiving real-time alerts about changing engagement with your firm’s content - research, desk commentary, trading flows, and corporate access invites.

    Drive informed conversations and more effective meetings with the right clients, based on their evolving interest in the names that you cover.

  • Get ahead of the competition when deals are announced by quickly searching which clients are interested in that name or sector.

    Build a dynamic workflow. Assign publishing rights to your team and automate your out-of-office coverage.



  • Know which names to be active on. Use client interest trends in subject matter to drive trading and banking activity.

    Uncover sales leads. Automatic alerts give sales client insights on the commentary that you publish and your flow indications so they can service clients smarter.

  • Get real-time alerts. Keep a pulse on the content that your firm distributes on the names that you’re currently active in.

    Know which colleagues are interacting with relevant accounts.


Desk Analyst & Strategists

  • Know what matters today. Easily manage your distribution lists to better understand who is reading your commentary and better target their interests. Use these trends to publish more captivating content.

    Uncover sales leads. As clients show an indication of interest, provide leads for the sales team with automatic alerts.

  • Get recognized for publishing great content. Measure your impact within the firm and make your commentary discoverable to new clients.

    Monitor your intellectual capital to see if your emails are shared without your permission after leaving your desk.



Manage unlimited individual distribution lists and share access with colleagues for comprehensive client coverage. Create your content in your email client with no change to workflow. Send it to one email address mapped to distributions hosted on Street Contxt.
Passive analytics are applied to your commentary so that you receive targeted reports about readership and engagement, as soon as your note leaves your desk.

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Publish smarter by delivering content based on client engagement. Know which clients to call based on their level of engagement with your research notes. Discover new revenue opportunities and client leads with sales alerts about new and shifting engagement, so that you can service clients quicker and smarter.

Service Clients Smarter, Capture Sales Leads

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By measuring the content that your clients consume from research, sales, strategists and trading against commission allocation, you can hold clients accountable for their consumption.

Use engagement to drive trading activity, deal flow, banking relationships and morning calls. Historical research is discoverable to new clients seeking the topics that you cover. Reports help to understand the impact of research on business performance, broker votes and trading activity.

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