Take Control of Your Information Flow

Port over your subscriptions and relationships wherever you go. Street Context ensures the market information you get is always compelling and always relevant.

Manage Street Relationships at Scale

Forget calling to manually update interest and identity with each broker 1-to-1. Now, it’s 1-to-many. Street Context’s Buy-Side solution streamlines relationship management to keep intelligence flowing. With profiles handled at the individual or firm level, you can:

Keep broker dealers up-to-date without the repetitive admin

Build a strategically curated information pipeline

Ensure an uninterrupted flow of market information

Speed up onboarding and offboarding of team members

Get Tailored, Uninterrupted Coverage From the Sell-Side Relationships You Want

Your email address is your identity. When you claim your Street Context industry identity, we update your brokers with any changes so you can stay connected throughout your entire career. Whether you change firms and go on gardening leave, start to focus on new names or sectors, or change any of your contact information — you’ll have a handle on your relationships and distributions.

Drive Performance by Connecting With High-Value Experts and Content

Street Context’s preference management system helps you get the content you want and eliminates what you don’t.

Win By Accessing the Right Information at the Right Time

Only Street Context is focused on turning email into a timely, rich source of opportunity.

Think of us as the invisible infrastructure powering the information exchange of the capital markets. That’s why we build on email– the open protocol that the industry lives on.

We don’t disintermediate you from the sell-side. Instead, we design mutually beneficial solutions. That means providing our partners with control and meaningful insights for smarter conversations and better performance.


brokers live, with several strategic partnerships

1 Billion

on pace to send over a billion emails this year


supporting a growing database of unique contacts


distribution lists across Sales & Trading, Research, Banking

Gain Control of Your Inbox